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Who we are

The company is specialized in the production of special fasteners according to customer requirements (screws, fasteners, special nuts, washers, bushes and so on), in steel, stainless steel, copper by cold forging.

The company covers about 24,000 square meters, out of which 8,000 are entirely covered, and it is located 18 km from Bergamo.

In 2015 the company celebrated its sixtieth anniversary, entirely dedicated to the company development, looking for unique technical solutions to comply with the customer requirements, to the highest possible offered product quality and to the progressive and constant technological growth.

Colombo Special Fasteners Srl company, stands within the European producers scenario as one of the leaders of cold forming  covering a wide range of diameters.

He focuses his efforts in researching and developing new processes and products in collaboration with his customers, increasingly accompanied by precision mechanical machining with tight tolerances such as straightening, turning, simultaneous coaxial and cross-drilling.

Why choose CSF

Our goal is to be a reference PARTNER for research and development of new products.

  • Our aim is to be a reference partner for R&D of new products
  • Our productive structure is highly FLEXIBLE
  • Production in small-medium LOTS
  • Network of highly qualified suppliers ensures CSF QUALITY
  • Total product TRACEABILITY and process REPEATABILITY
  • We work to achieve INDUSTRY 4.0

Our supply chain

Our fields

We produce everything you need for all this fields.