We are Your Global Fasteners Specialist

Since more than 60 years, the Colombo family runs the group and is involved in every decisional aspect of the business.
The Group is made of two of the leading high quality fasteners producers in Italy: Colombo Special Fasteners, based in Cisano Bergamasco, and Tecno Fasteners, based in Milan.

Every day, tons of high quality special parts, leave our warehouses and reach our customers.
Both the facilities are perfectly integrated, offering a wide range of products, made in different types and sizes, and dispatched to different markets.


The company is specialised in the production of special fasteners according to customer requirements (screws, fasteners, special nuts, washers, bushes, etc), in steel, stainless steel and copper by cold forging.

The manufacturing is made to create what the clients need for the following fields: automotive, production, industrial and industrial vehicles.

Tecno Fasteners srl.

The company qualifies in the production of screws and special fasteners in steel. They are mostly made from specifically customised drawings and requirements for the single client, thanks to the highly qualified staff and the historical technical experience.